Seward Fishing: Alaska halibut fishing and Alaska salmon fishing in Resurrection Bay, Nuka bay, and Prince William Sound

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April 20th thru June

For the ultimate breath-taking...rod-bending...light-tackle fight of a lifetime - if you have never hooked into a King Salmon, this trip is a must-do! King (Chinook) Salmon are the largest Salmon in the Pacific Ocean. King Salmon range from 20 to 60 pounds and up. We target these feeder Kings for eight to ten weeks at the beginning of the season until the Silver (Coho) Salmon start to show up.

The Silver Salmon Derby highlights the fantastic salmon fishing in Seward Alaska

We fish for King Salmon by trolling, with the boat moving at low speed, drawing lines through the water at different depths, dressed with lures or bait. Our captains have been fishing for Kings for several years in these waters and are “dialed in” to what entices these finicky feeders.

The limit for these wild ocean King Salmon is one or two per person per day, depending on the area fished.


Available as Silver Salmon/Halibut or Full-day Salmon Only
July 10 (sooner if available) through September 2.

Fishing for Coho Salmon, known in Seward, Alaska as "Silver Salmon", is some of the most exciting sports fishing on light tackle.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing = "Controlled Chaos"

Alaska Silver salmon weigh approximately 8 to 12 pounds when they first arrive to Resurrection Bay in late June to early July. Their ravenous feeding throughout the season pushes their weight to 15 pounds or more by late summer. These feisty, acrobatic silver bullets often dart at high speeds and leap up and out of the water only to splash back down to challenge you once again to the fight of a lifetime.

We commonly get two, three, four, or more Salmon on simultaneously, though hooking a silver is only part of the battle. Getting these fish netted and into the boat before they shake your hook is an even greater challenge.

Your Day of Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

We typically mooch for Silver Salmon. "Mooching" is a technique where each person jigs their hook baited with a small piece of herring. When the fish bites, the hook gets set and the fight is on. You will find this is a more effective technique than troll fishing when the fish are schooled up and allows the angler to feel the bite.

The catch limit for Silver Salmon is six fish per person inside Resurrection Bay and three Silvers each when caught outside the bay.

An aspiring ichthyologist? Learn more about Alaska silver salmon at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website.


The 2022 Seward Silver Salmon Derby®: dates are 6:00 am August 13 to noon Sunday August 21.

Tickets will be available on line thru the Seward Chamber of Commerce website.