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Special halibut charter and lodging

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Let's Go Fishing!

Trips Offered

Try your luck at bringing in a huge Alaska halibut.

We are expanding the types of trips offered.

We will be offering "Long Range" trips to give the serious, not neccessarily the experienced, angler the opportunity for larger fish.

In addition we will be offering "Short Range" trips for the angler who wants to travel a shorter distance. There is a greater opportunity for larger fish on the long range trip. But some people prefer a shorter boat ride and more time for fishing even if at the risk of smaller fish.

We fish for halibut and/or rockfish in May/June.
In July/August we fish for halibut and/or salmon depending on the weather and what is available that day.

Short Range Trip

The Short Range trip is a 9-10 hours trip.

  • Short Range in May/June is $325.00 total per person. (Halibut and/or rockfish)
  • Short Range in July/August /Sept. is $350.00 total per person (halibut &/or salmon).
  • Short Range full day salmon (silver salmon) fishing is offered on Tuesday and Wednesday in July and August.

Long Range Trip

The Long Range trip is a 10-12 hour day.

  • We offer halibut only and halibut/King salmon in May/June.
  • In July/August/sept we offer halibut/salmon (coho) combo trips.
  • We also offer full day silver salmon fishing on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • The halibut only trip is $324.50 in May/June.
  • The King salmon/halibut is $378 May/June.
  • The combination halibut/salmon (coho) is $378.00 in July/August/September.
  • Full day salmon trips are offered on Tuesday and Wednesday for $324.50 in July/August/September.

    Our experienced crew will help provide you with the Alaska halibut fishing trip of a lifetime
    To conserve the resource, we encourage you to keep only the amount of fish you can eat or share through the winter.

    For more information on catch limits click Catch Limits For 2018.

Sound good? Make your Alaska fishing trip reservation now!

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