Seward, Alaska Fishing: halibut fishing and salmon fishing in Resurrection Bay, Alaska

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Capt. Eric hanging on to a 376# monster caught 9/16/05 on a jig!

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our crew

Our Crew

Captain Eric Higbee
was born and raised in Alaska, and is an avid fisherman on any body of water.

Having fished the waterways out of Seward since he was a young child, Capt. Eric's extensive knowledge of the fishing grounds reflects in his catch records.

He has been with PFC for over 15 years and counting. Capt. Eric is one amongst several phenomenal seasoned fishing guides here at Puffin Charters. Capt. Eric will be operating primarily the Sorceress this upcoming season.

Captain Nate Smith is a US Coast Guard Licensed 100-ton Master. He spent his younger years fishing on mountain streams and lakes while growing up in Montana before moving to the Seattle area. He then took off on a twelve year career in the crabbing industry out of Dutch Harbor and Russia in the Bering Sea. This is how he discovered the beauty and ruggedness of Alaska and why he eventually made his home here ten years ago.

Capt. Nate has been operating on charter boats out of Seward for over 10 years and has been with Puffin over 7 years. The vast amount of time he has spent on the water gives him the experience, knowledge and safety skills to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and productive day. Capt. Nate will be running all boats this upcoming season. He is our fleet mechanic and operates primarily the Tenacious.

Captain Jacob Skretting is one of our newer captains. He started fishing at an early age with his father who was a fishing guide. Capt. Jacob decided to become a guide himself and share his enthusiasm for fishing with others. He worked on deck for several years before obtaining his captains license in 2014. This is Capt. Jacob's third season as a captain with Puffin Fishing Charters and we appreciate having him aboard.

His enthusiasm for our fisheries...and his youthful spirit are infectious and will surely add to to your fun-filled day of fishing! He will be operating primarily the Offshore Hunter.


Captain Leslie Pemberton has operated guided sport charter fishing boats out of Seward, Alaska since 1982, and is one of the most experienced captains in the Seward charter fleet, having fished the waters in and around Resurrection Bay for over 30 years.

Captain Pemberton came to Alaska in 1974 and landed in Dutch Harbor, first working in the commercial fishing industry on crab boats and halibut longliners, and earning a 100 ton U.S. Coast Guard Ocean Masters license in 1978. After operating pilot and ferry vessels out of Dutch Harbor, the skipper began spending summers in Seward, guiding fishing charter vessels for the U.S. military. In 1994, Captain Pemberton launched Puffin Fishing Charters with a 28 foot Bayliner. As the business started growing Capt. Leslie brought on Denise (Denni) Hawks and together developed a vision for the company. Captain Leslie designed and brought the first mid-sized U.S. Coast Guard-inspected charter boat to the Seward charter fishing fleet. Through knowledge, experience, dedication, and plain hard work, Puffin Fishing Charters has grown to a fleet of three 32 to 36 foot U.S. Coast Guard inspected sport fishing boats and a 50 foot Delta, and is one of the more successful and productive charter fishing companies in Seward.


 Denise Hawks is the other owner of Puffin Fishing Charters.

Denni, a transplant from Oregon, came to Alaska with the U.S. Public Health Service. She went fishing with Puffin Fishing Charters on her first weekend in Alaska, and discovered her passion for fishing and boating.

She joined the Puffin team a few years later and has been a driving force on keeping the vision alive as we continuously strive to be all that we can be!

Denni is currently a physician with the V.A. in Arizona. She comes up in the summer months to grace us with her positive, chipper attitude and calm demeanor.



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