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Catch Limit Updates for 2019


Times are changing in our industry. The oceans waters are getting warmer (Google the pacific blob). This has indeed effected our fishies in the ocean. In my 30 years I have witnessed a depletion in our halibut stocks and a change in our oceans. The bigger halibut now are much slower to grow. Every fall the NPMC (North Pacific Management Council) conducts fisheries meeting to determine catch shares for all sectors. Then from the recommendation of the council it goes to the IPHC (International Pacific Halibut Commission).

There has been a slow decline in the halibut stocks for several years now. Therefore, restrictions have been implemented in the last few years in the commercial and sport charter fishing sector to help sustain the resource. As of now we are allowed two halibut: one of any size ( over) and one under 28 inches.(under).

We cannot retain halibut on Wednesdays and in addition five Tuesdays from July 16th through August 13th.

Our clients can only retain 4 halibut annually.

The commercial fishing sector and sports sector are doing their part to help sustain the resource, by adhering to these regulations.
We have to adjust our business in accordance with regulations.
No longer is it filling your freezer (old days). The reality now is catch n keep...catch n release with a twist of Vegas. We are selling you an amazing fishing experience.

A bigger fish now is anything over 35-40 lbs. If you catch a 35-40 pound fish we are going to encourage you to keep it. If you drop back down for your 28 inch fish and catch a 100 lb halibut you have to let it go because you already have your "over". We are selling you the experience of fishing. We catch big fish and have to release big fish. The rules are strict and we have to abide by them.

Our whole industry is changing.

The rockfish have declined some. We encourage with rockfish please retain them only if you want to eat them. This is mainly black rockfish and yellow eye rockfish that we retain. The limit is can retain 3 black bass (palegic) and one yellow eye ( non palegic).

King Salmon
The area's we fish for King salmon in the spring is currently controlled by the state...
Now in a few years it will be managed by the federal government.
We do not know how this will effect our King salmon fisheries but we will enjoy it now while we can and keep you posted.

Silver Salmon (coho)
The silver salmon fishing is good. In 2016 the silver salmon (coho) didn't show up due to 60 degree water temp.
We had some current flows of warm water from the "blob" in the pacific (google it!) and that affected our silver salmon.
Then in 2017 the salmon came in twofold. 2018 predictions cooler water and great coho salmon fishing.

Ling Cod
The lingcod we explained on our lingcod page.
They are still strained so we do not target them.
But if you do catch a legal lingcod while targeting other fish you are welcome to retain that fish.
Only one per person is allowed. Daily and in possession.

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